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is a weekly, hometown newspaper covering local meetings and happenings, club meetings, Bulldog sporting events, human interest stories and regular columns: Magic Moments by Maxine Sanders, Mary Juarez’s Reflections by Mary and Pastor’s Ponderings by Steve Wilmot.

The Edgerton Earth was established in 1878 and like everything else, has changed with the times. The paper has changed hands a number of times and seen a variety of editors.

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Makena (left) &

Maddie (right)

My son Rich

and his wife


My daughter


My son Sean

and his fiance




Name: Cindy Thiel

Gender: Female

Birthday: January 23rd

Status: Married to Jim

Birthplace: Charleston, SC

office manager

Name: Karrie Kimpel

Gender: Female

Birthday: February 10th

Status: Married to Don

Birthplace: Bryan, OH

advertising sales

Name: Barb Imm

Gender: Female

Birthday: January 3rd

Status: Married to Mark

Birthplace: Montpelier, OH

Cindy’s history: I was originally hired at The Edgerton Earth by John and Michele Tinker as their bookkeeper in July of 1990. From there I dabbled at typesetting, filling in for Donna Lump. She eventually retired and I tried my hand at advertising layout as well as taking pictures at sporting events. You might say I learned each facet of the business a little at a time. It came as no surprise to everyone when I decided to purchase the newspaper from then owner and editor Steve Wilmot. I took over the reins of ownership on October 1, 2006. Barb came to work for me first which is a bit ironic because my previous employer before I was hired by John and Michelle was with her husband, father-in-law and brother-in-law at Imm Tractor Sales.

Karrie gave up babysitting to come join us at The Earth. Karrie and I also have a bit of history. Her husband Don was best man at our wedding and Karrie was stationed at the guest book.

The three of us have a good rapport and enjoy our time spent at the office.

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